New/Refurbished Cubicles

  • New/Refurbished Cubicles

New Cubicles Can Provide The Perfect State-Of-The-Art Solution for Your Project. You Can Get the Newest Styles and Technology to Enhance Staff Production and Emphasize Your Corporate Culture.


Refurbished Cubicles Recycle the Expensive Core Components and are Reworked With New Fabrics, Laminate, and Paint To Match Any Style You Might Want. Work Surfaces, Technology, and Storage Can Be Customized To Match New Furniture At Lower Costs. It’s A Win-Win Proposition; You Get what You Want, Save Money and Save The Planet.


Price Comparison

4 Positions </br>
New: $9,375  </br>
Refurb: $6,635
4 Positions
New: $9,375
Refurb: $6,635
12 Positions</br>
New: $13,348  </br>
Refurb: $6,044
12 Positions
New: $13,348
Refurb: $6,044
6 Positions</br>
New: $7,230  </br>
Refurb: $3,513
6 Positions
New: $7,230
Refurb: $3,513

Either Way Provide Us with Your Requirements and We Can Provide You with Cost Comparisons, Performance Guarantees and Implementation Strategies.