The Green Reason

Buying New Cubicles Damages The Environment And Contributes

To Climate Change In A Way That Is Absolutely Unnecessary


You CAN Make a Difference!

recycle sign

Why You Should Use Green Cubicles

When you buy new cubicles, it requires the extraction of raw materials from the earth. Refining the metal increases carbon emissions. New wood components require chopping down more trees. New plastic requires more barrels of oil, and the energy used to refine the raw materials into the furniture is simply a waste. The mere act of buying new workstations depletes natural resources and re-usable resources pile up in landfills.


You Can Make The Responsible Decision

As the person responsible for the purchase decision or the professional Interior Designer or Architect specifying workstations for client projects, you have an opportunity to make a decision that can really have a significant positive effect on our environment.  Using Green Cubicles is the responsible decision.

You Can Make The Smart Business Decision

Buying Green Cubicles is a smart financial decision too.
You can save 40% to 70% by recycling the expensive core components. More impressive yet, is that those recycled components can have the same function and appearance as any new workstation. You get the same results you would expect from new workstations and save 40% or more. Any CFO will agree that saving 40% while getting the same results is a smart financial decision.



Be responsible, choose Green Cubicles and break the cycle of buying new. Save big money and improve our world. Everyone will thank you for choosing Green Cubicles