• Reuse. Restore. Enhance.

Your Very Best Value is when You Reuse the Furniture You Already Own

We Can Restore, Upgrade, Even Enhance Your Existing Furniture to Look and Work Like New

Furniture Components Can be Resized, We Can Make Tall Panels Shorter; Add stack On Elements; and Integrate the Most Current Technology. You Can Refinish the Parts to the Most Current Styles. You Can Have the Most Up-to-Date Solutions at the Lowest Possible Price, Often Saving as Much as 70%

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reuse restore enhance 2
reuse restore enhance 1

Your Existing Furniture Can Be Refurbished To Meet Any Style and Can Also Be Upgraded to Support Your Evolving Operations and Reflect Your Desired Corporate Culture. Your Furniture Can Be Refurbished to an Organizational Standard that Can Be Used Between Different Locations to Create A Consistent Environment for Both Employees and Customers.

Reuse. Restore. Enhance.