Labor And Services

Furniture Delivery and Assembly

We have the staffing and equipment needed to pick up, deliver, assemble and service all types of office furniture quickly and professionally

Labor and Services

Cubicle and Office Furniture Reconfiguration

∙ Rearrange furniture to accommodate staff changes or workflow adjustments

∙ Dismantle, move, and assemble the furniture to complete a new layout

∙ You can even add missing or needed furniture components to complete the desired configuration

Labor 1.

Furniture Restoration and Repair

Renew and restore your existing high-quality furniture and cubicles

Repaint metal, refinish wood, re-upholstery and re-laminating makes the furniture look and work like new again

reuse restore enhance 1
reuse restore enhance 2
reuse restore enhance 3

Furniture Modification and Customization

∙ Upgrade electrical systems

Fabricate custom pieces for tricky floor space restrictions like cutting around columns

∙ Resize components to change their function

∙ Make your tall panels short or short panels tall

Integrate technology into the furniture for convenient access and function

 Create stack on elements to create see-through barriers

Reuse. Restore. Enhance.

Storage and Warehousing

We can pick up, inventory, pack and store excess furniture and fixtures

Warehouse labor..


Professionally staffed fabrication, restoration, and refurbishing facilities available for your project

Metal Shop
Metal Shop
Paint Booth
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