COVID 19 Solutions

covid solutions

Are you handling the necessary changes so that your staff can work SAFELY and EFFICIENTLY?

Making the workplace safer requires adjusting worker density and adding barriers for safe social distancing

stack on
SIiding Door

Some key strategies include reducing the real estate footprint or lowering worker density

Implementing these strategies requires office furniture reconfiguration



Green Cubicles can help if you are thinking about the future of your office capabilities in the face of this uncertainty

We are highly experienced providing labor, planning, and out-of-the-box solutions for the various facility issues you may be facing


 Know How

∙ Space Planning

∙ Furniture Asset Assessment

∙ Project Scheduling And Coordinating

∙ Reuse And Lose Recommendations

Labor 1.
Labor and Services

 Professional Labor

∙ Dismantle, reconfigure, and installation labor for workstations and office furniture

∙ Re-upholstery and refinishing services

∙ Affordable custom fabrication to accommodate special requirements

Warehouse labor..


∙ Warehousing of excess furniture assets

∙ Trade parts you do not need for the parts you do need

∙ Liquidation of excess furniture assets

Covid products 3
Covid Products 2


∙ Plexiglass and tempered glass stack-on barriers and sliding doors

∙ Used and refurbished furniture to fill the gaps

∙ New office furniture