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about us



Our team has been operating since 1984 providing recycled solutions for office workstations, and we have worked with every major brand, we know how they are built and how well they will work for your application.


Cubicle recycling is a sustainable long-term solution providing as-new results at substantial cost savings while removing thousands of pounds from the waste stream.




We have complete fabrication, restoration and refurbishing facilities available for your project.


We are professionally staffed and operated including;



Our Woodshop can resize existing parts and fabricate new wood components, when needed. We re-laminate work tops in nearly unlimited options


Our Upholstery Shop reupholsters existing panels and other furniture pieces with current fabric offerings, you can also match existing colors, weaves, patterns and textures.


The Paint Facilities offer high-quality commercial coatings formulated to meet LEED certification with the ability to match most paint colors and finishes.


The Metal Shop is fully outfitted for metal repair and fabrication. The facilities support all requirements from the simple welding of broken furniture parts to custom furniture design and creation.



Products and Services


Green Cubicles provides A complete offering of office furniture and related services with an emphasis on recycling and refurbishing of high quality office furniture.


We Provide


  • Reuse Strategies and The Resources to Successfully Fulfill Them
  • Used, Refurbished, Remanufactured, New, and Express Office Furniture
  • Project Planning and Project Management
  • Space Planning
  • Furniture Procurement
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Move and Reconfiguration of Modular Workstations (Cubicles)
  • Contract Recycling Programs




We can help you improve your work environment and increase productivity at the same time.


You can reinforce your company culture with the proper style and configuration of your workspace.


You can create furniture procurement standards with preselected and approved furniture pieces, simplifying your ordering system. Saving Time and Money.


Use Green Cubicles and you will save money, improve your business environment, and conserve raw materials.


You get exactly what you want without compromise, save the planet and save thousands of dollars.